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Who Do You Call When You Need A New Seawall Or Seawall Repairs In St Petersburg?

When you have decided that it’s time to protect your Pinellas County waterfront property from erosion, a seawall might be worth considering.  A quality constructed seawall will provide protection from normal wave action, tidal flows and boat wakes.

Many times, a seawall can increase your property value while also making it easier to add a dock or boat lift. A seawall protects your property, adds value, and can save you from dealing with expensive repairs.

Perhaps you already have an established seawall that is old and in need of repair. You will want to find a company that can properly assess the seawall condition and provide quality repairs. Today, we are going to take a closer look at Gulf Coast Dock and Seawall and see if they have what it takes to help you protect your waterfront property.

When Is It Time To Tackle Your Seawall Repair?

It’s important to have a seawall in place to protect your property from erosion and damage. A seawall does a great job at holding Mother Nature at bay, but a crumbling, eroded, old seawall will not get the job done. When your seawall is in need of repair, you will want to call a company that has a stellar reputation and the know-how to get the seawall repaired or replaced before your property sustains damage.

There are several reasons that a seawall fails or needs to be replaced. Because of prolonged exposure to salt water, anchor rods and fasteners can deteriorate causing the seawall to fail. There are warning signs that include misalignment and outward movement of the seawall.

Another problem that will need to be addressed is seawall cap failure. This can happen when the steel used to reinforce the concrete seawall cap corrodes, causing expansion that eventually leads to cracks, which can weaken the cap significantly.

There are two more serious problems that will need to be evaluated during the repair of your seawall.  Loss of the berm in front of the seawall and insufficient panel penetration can cause the wall to move outward in the water causing weakening of the panels and cracking that can expose the reinforcing steel to the damaging effects of salt water.

 What Will A Seawall Repair Cost?

The cost to repair a seawall  has many varying factors including the original seawall material, the amount of repairs that are needed, and the size of the seawall. There are also other variables that should be discussed at the time of the estimate.

The guys at Gulf Coast Dock and Seawall have extensive experience in using modern materials that are more durable and more affordable than traditional concrete or wood. This can save you money years from now when repairs will be minimal.

There could also be additional costs for fill, irrigation and landscaping depending on the severity of erosion. Simple repairs can start at about $250.00 per lineal foot, but can be higher depending upon the repair. The only true way to know an accurate cost to repair the seawall is by getting a detailed, easy to understand, estimate in writing.

Does Gulf Coast Dock And Seawall Offer Bulkhead Repair?

If you are looking specifically for a quality company that offers bulkhead repairs, the professionals at Gulf Coast Dock and Seawall have what it takes to shore up your bulkhead, repair pilings and ensure that your dock is in good condition.

Pounding surf and storm surge can have a negative impact on older bulkheads that were not constructed to stand up to decades of salt water. Many times, it’s not always possible to know when your bulkhead has deteriorated so it’s important to have the experts do a thorough inspection.

How Important Is A Seawall?

A quality seawall is a great property investment that will increase the value of your waterfront property. With a good seawall, your property is better protected against the elements and erosion. A boat dock or a boat lift can also be anchored giving you more access to your waterfront area.

A project of this size can be overwhelming for property owners, but a good place to start is by choosing a local company like Gulf Coast Dock and Seawall. They will be able to give you a detailed estimate for your seawall, seawall repair, boat dock or boat lift, as well as many other marine services.

Their experts will be able to help you with design, construction, permits and maintenance after the work has been completed. They will also help to keep costs to a minimum by using the best materials that are made to be durable and can add years of outdoor enjoyment.

Finally, Gulf Coast Dock and Seawall will provide follow-up services such as electric and plumbing to make sure that your dock, boat lift or seawall is completed the way you envisioned.

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