How Much Does A Sea Wall Cost In St Petersburg FL

What Does A Sea Wall Cost To Build In The St Petersburg Area?

How much does it cost to build a seawall in St Petersburg fl

How Much Does Sea Wall Construction Cost In St Petersburg FL?

 What Will A Seawall Repair Cost?

These are issues that confront lots of waterfront property owners.   It is the disappearance of their waterfront residential or commercial property because of wave activity that normally  brings about the idea of constructing a seawall as they are typically built in an attempt to combat this problem. Seawalls are made to prevent the eroding of the soil as well as keep it from wearing away even more in the future.

” What will seawall building and construction cost?”

This are the first words you typically hear from a prospective customer’s mouth when they are considering designing a seawall.

Obviously size as well as height are huge variables, as it relates to the amount of materials used. Much less commonly considered are the kind and also durability of the products being used in the construction. The exact mix  and what’s required varies significantly from project to project when looking at sea wall construction.

Nevertheless the fact remains that retaining a green on a golf course near a tranquil lake calls for a  wall with much less structural integrity compared to protecting a waterfront property from ocean waves! Likewise a peaceful canal calls for reduced strength-rated products, which commonly have a lower price tag because they cost much less to produce.

Various other considerations that affect installation cost include convenience of accessibility on the job site, dirt conditions, environmental factors, timelines, as well as project complexity.

Other Factors Effecting The Construction Costs For Seawalls In The St. Petersburg Area

There are a few standard we can establish to narrow the normal price ranges to build a seawall:

1. Standard sea wall re-construction, on a vacant piece of ground where the panels can be cast on the on the property itself and also equipment can easily operate and move around  on the property are found on the lower portion of the scale. These costs normally range from $250 to $400 per linear foot with other differences dependent upon the volume of business and competition in the particular area.

2. Simple sea wall rebuilds on property where the ability to gain access to it is restricted by a structure, such as a home will require the job be performed from a barge.  This causes the linear per foot rate to rapidly increase primarily due to the time and expense needed  to get the barge to the job site. Most barges that marine contractor service providers use are not large enough to completely hold the demolition of a pre-existing seawall surface as well as fabricate a new seawall. Therefore they must make a large number of trips to a transfer point further increasing the costs. The farther the travel distance to the transfer point the higher the price which brings the normal cost for seawalls on these types of job site to $400 to $800 per linear foot.

3. The last category is for non-standard sea walls on sites that do not satisfy either of the two categories outlined above. These are seawalls that for either job site specific reasons or custom design reasons need thicker sections of seawall or longer lengths of seawall panels. These seawall surfaces usually range from $500 to $1,000 for each lineal foot with the greater part of the jobs being those seawall surfaces on job sites that need barges and specially created panels.

I can further confuse the issue by adding that the common prices above are for steel enhanced concrete seawalls. If I open up the discussion to consider plastic, composite, steel and/or light weight aluminum seawalls, the typical rate variables end up being very hard to pin down and much of the pricing is dependent on site specific requirements.

All in all the actual answer to the original question is that the cost of any sea wall construction around St. Petersburg will differ considerably from job to job and the only way to pin down exactly what cost you to build your sea wall  is to call a marine contracting professional like Gulf Coast Dock And Seawall and obtain a meaningful quote.

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